Welcome to MyNook51

Welcome to MyNook51!

Welcome to my small cozy and warm place where you can sit wrapped in a crochet or knitted blanket on the couch, lit candles made by your friends on the table along with many fresh flowers from your garden in a beautiful vase, sipping a cup of wonderful smelling tea or coffee.

Granny Square Crochet Blanket

I would like MyNook51 will be a relaxing and comforting zone where you will feel happy and beautiful. You can find here a blog with good and tasty recipes,  tips and instructions for handmade and homemade gifts, crochet patterns for free and also a tiny shop with my creations and patterns. 






When the days are not so perfect

When the days are not so perfect I’m in unicorn mode (sometimes).  The days like that are not every day but sometimes they just happen. And you can not get them out of your head. That is when my unicorn mode begins. Unicorn Head Planter That means I crochet unicorns, I draw unicorns, I make breakfast or …

Homemade Strawberry Jam with Chia Seeds and Mint

Homemade Strawberry Jam with Chia Seeds and Mint is so tasty, smells wonderful and I love to make it every strawberry season. Ah, I love strawberry season! The best time of the year! Strawberry season makes me happy.  The weather is wonderful, the sun is shining,  the sky is clear blue… You know those long warm …

I am a little shy to write about who I am

Hi! My name is Monika. I’m a crochet designer and also the founder of the website  My Nook 51  and I am a little shy…  I am a little shy to write about who I am, what I love and how my life is going.   But… Anyway :)… I think I’m the person who likes to …


Welcome to my tiny shop MyNook51 where you can find happy and colorful items designed by me. Coasters, hot pads, potholders, cozies, baskets,  toys, ornaments and much more. 

Also, PDF patterns are here for all who like to crochet. Some are for free some are for couple dollars but all are writing step by step in American terminology and there are added nice photo tutorials with many pictures.

The new item is added almost every day.  Today I added a new pattern. I hope you will enjoy this Unicorn Head Planter Pattern


unicorn head planter