Best Elderberry Liqueur Recipe

I want to share with you the Best Elderberry Liqueur Recipe (for me). This liqueur is healthy and also so good. 

Best Elderberry Liqueur Recipe

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a wonderful herb. Elderberries grow wild in my country and I believe in most of Europe, USA and Canada. It is a shrub (tree) that grows several meters in height. It has a beautiful inflorescence full of small white flowers. Fruits are dark purple to red-violet color. The best time to harvest elderberry fruit is right now.

With elderberries you can cure many diseases and also prepare a lot of yummies. From this fruit you can make a jam, syrup or a liqueur just like me. They are full of antioxidants and high in vitamin C. (More about elderberries you can read here or here). For these reasons, elderberry liqueur is sometimes kept in the medicine cabinet and taken out during cold and flu season but I strongly suggest making at least three bottles because it is so delicious! I love this liqueur in autumn or winter evenings when it’s really cold and I need to warm up. I’ll take this “miracle cure“, sip it slowly, sit back and relax. I’m telling you, there is nothing better! 

Let’s make the best liqueur and Let me know in the comments below how you like my Best Elderberry Liqueur Recipe!


Best Elderberry Liqueur Recipe


4 lb/2 kg elderberries, 4 US cups/1 l water, 3 US cups/750ml bottle of vodka, 1 stick of cinnamon, 1 vanilla bean, 6 table spoons of strong black coffee, 1 lemon – juice


As the first step we will go for a walk and pick the fruits. We can pick the fruit with the whole inflorescence, which can easily be done by hand, and then just throw them in a basket. When you get them home, you need to get the individual berries off the stalks. The easiest way is to hold the stalk in one hand and with other use a fork to gently run through the stalk, stripping the berries into a bowl.Then we wash them and let them drain.

  1. Put the elderberries into a large pot, add water, stick of cinnamon and cook about 20 minutes. We mix them during cooking. Then let them stand in the fridge for 12 – 24 hours. I go with 24 hours.
  2. Next day you will extract the juice by pressing the berries in a sheet covered strainer. It is important to press hard on all berries because they contain a large amount of juice. Now that we have the juice, we will convert it to liqueur.
  3. Warm up the juice enough to be able to add and dissolve sugar and coffee. Then let the mixture çool.
  4. Into the chilled mixture we will now add lemon juice, alcohol, vanilla bean, and proceed to stir everything together. The liqueur is now finished!
  5. Now just bottle the finished liqueur up and we are all done.

It is possible to choose a sugar or sweetener according to your taste and preference. The taste will also be a little different based on what alcohol you use. You can choose vodka, rum, some kind of brandy, or anything else. You can also modify the quantity. That’s the beautiful thing about making your own top-quality liqueur, you can make it precisely to your liking! 

Enjoy and cheers!

Best Elderberry Liqueur Recipe
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Best Elderberry Liqueur Recipe
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