When the days are not so perfect

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When the days are not so perfect I’m in unicorn mode (sometimes).  The days like that are not every day but sometimes they just happen. And you can not get them out of your head. That is when my unicorn mode begins.

Unicorn Head Planter

When the days are not so perfect I'm in Unicorn mode.
For  pattern, you can click here or on EtsyRavelry  and Craftsy

That means I crochet unicorns, I draw unicorns, I make breakfast or snack in unicorn colors and so on. This time I made small unicorn head planters, but they can be cute tiny baskets or cozies for your favorite cup or you can name it. I made also unicorn nice cream. Yes,  nice cream. Nice cream is a great alternative to regular ice cream because it is literally made out of frozen blended bananas and THAT IS IT! And believe me, it is soo good!

nice cream mynook51.com
Do you want to know more about a nice cream? Would you like a recipe? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Why do I do this? Because it helps me. I love unicorns. I love the magical symbol of a unicorn. The unicorn is an ancient symbol of purity and protection, in a modern sense also depicts power, wisdom and eternal life. On the practical level, the unicorn symbol increases sexual attraction but also has healing abilities.

Unicorn Head Planter

unicorn head plant holder
For pattern, you can click here or on EtsyRavelry and Craftsy
pink unicorn plant holder
For pattern, you can click here or on EtsyRavelry and Craftsy

I know, maybe it lives only in my fantasy. But there are a number of circumstances that speak in favor of unicorns, there are also countless facts that make us doubt. Perhaps they are extinct because of their unique horn. But it is also quite possible that they are walking around ponds in the middle of the dark night. Do you think it is possible? Do you believe in unicorns?

Anyway. For me, it brings many positives because I forget my worries, I feel much better and I always make something cute and/or tasty. And I would be more than happy to share my unicorns with you.

Oh! If you are looking for a finished product, take a look here.

unicorn head planter

I am a little shy to write about who I am

I am a little shy to write about who I am

Hi! My name is Monika. I’m a crochet designer and also the founder of the website  My Nook 51  and I am a little shy… 

I am a little shy to write about who I am, what I love and how my life is going.   But… Anyway :)… I think I’m the person who likes to live very easy and slow, to live in the moment, without stress, where home is the most relaxed and happiest place.

Funny thing is I didn’t know there exists a word for a living like mine or maybe yours too. It is a Danish word – Hygge. Did you know what it is?  Have you ever heard that word? You can read more about hygge life here or here.

I really love that lifestyle and I hope this website will be also a little bit hygge. Something like a small cozy and warm place where you will be sitting wrapped in a crochet or knitted blanket on the couch, lit candles made by your friend on the table along with many fresh flowers from your garden in a beautiful vase, sipping a cup of wonderful smelling tea or coffee.

I want to make this place a very relaxing and comforting zone where you will feel beautiful and where you can find good and tasty recipes,  tips for handmade and homemade gifts, crochet patterns for free and also a tiny shop with my creations. 

Back to me :).  I love to design and make all kinds of crochet stuff. Crochet is the biggest hobby in my life. I also like everything about food. Cooking, baking, eating… I mean really everything.  I also care a lot about herbs. The most beautiful thing for me is to be outside on a long walk somewhere in the mountains, woods or on the meadow and picking the herbs. I love to make herbal teas, syrups, lemonades because it makes me so happy and healthy too. The healthy life without stress is what I really want in my life.

I think this is a bit about me for now. I hope we can be friends and next time I’ll tell you more.

P.S. It is almost summer, the best time for vacations and the best time to relax with a crochet hook in the hand.  For all my friends who love crochet is here a pattern for freeMelon Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern. Enjoy!

Melon Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

Let’s be friends! 

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I was featured in Magazine: FIRST FOR WOMEN (October 2009)

I was featured in HGTV: Christmas Handmade 2010